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Property Owners Registering their On Hill Accommodations

  1. Only members have access to view the properties for ‘swap’ with other registered members. This means you must have a property to trade as well.
  2. Become a member by registering on our website, this isĀ  FREE
  3. Log in to your member account on our website
  4. Fill in information about your ski hill location, describe your property, and upload a photo.


  1. Search our website by ski hill anywhere in B.C
  2. Choose the property you’re interested in ‘swapping’ with from our members' listings
  3. Fill out your contact information in the "send an email" section, which will go directly to your chosen property owner and let the property owner know you’re interested in a swap. Then give them a way to contact you ( email, phone number )
  4. You and the other property owner communicate directly to arrange the ‘swap’ details.

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We encourage you to log back into www.bcslopeswap.com after your vacation and to write a review about your swap in our Forum section


Log back into BCSOPESWAP.COM after your vacation and write a review about your swap in our Forum section.