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Q - What is the purpose of this website?

A – To provide a forum where like-minded people can ‘swap’ their accommodations at different ski hills around the province of B.C. The concept is simple: “You stay at my place, I’ll stay at yours.”

Q - Why did you create this website?

A – To create a gathering place, a club, that required registration of a property in order to ‘swap.’ To be able to browse different properties around B.C,   one website that contained all owners of accommodations that were open to the idea of trading or ‘swapping.’

Q – Is there any other service like this in B.C?

A – We have not been able to find another online site where people can just ‘swap’ their slopeside properties. This is why we decided to create BCSLOPESWAP.COM, to offer an online venue to help homeowners who are interested in exploring B.C.

Q – How many ski hills are there in B.C?

A – Our research has shown that as of 2016, there appear to be 32 ski and boarding hills around B.C and more popping up each year. With most hills being only a day’s drive away, BCSOPESWAP.COM will make a weekend away at another hill affordable.

Q - How will BCSOPESWAP.COM cover website related costs and services?

A – Through advertising on our website. BCSLOPESWAP.COM will never charge its members to join. Our website will provide valuable links to local events at each hill and will be looking to the community and resorts to advertise on our site.