Explore other ski resorts around BC!


The idea for this website came from the experiences of the mother of a slopestyle competitor, herself a snowboard enthusiast, back country explorer, and B.C proud.

We have created a worry-free online "club" which is completely free, whose purpose is to help bring together those of us who love to explore but need to watch our budgets. Many of us try to spend every weekend from November to April up in the mountains, and we enjoy the winter with great enthusiasm. Always looking for new experiences, we love to visit new hills within beautiful British Columbia and support other local mountains and we want to share that possibility with others.

This website is an online gathering place where winter enthusiasts can gather and meet, share our accommodations so that we all have a chance to explore, and discuss our experiences through an online Forum. This can generate a lot of business for local tourism and local business around our Province.

Dreaming of enjoying a skiing or snowboarding opportunity on each of the 30+ ski hills around B.C? Check us out!!!

We will also provide the opportunity to advertise on our site - are you a busines at Big White, or Silver Star, or Whistler/Blackcomb, or anywhere else around BC? Contact us for more information about our advertising opportunities.